5 Hot Boozy Chocolates That Your Grandmother Would Not Make

Have you ever tried hot chocolate with added alcohol? Once you have tasted our sumptuous recipes, you will never look back. A hint of double cream here, a spoonful of Nutella over there, and a hint of liquor to finish things off. The result? Pure indulgence in a glass.

Wrapping your legs around a steaming hot chocolate cup is as close to the nirvana drink comfort you are going to get. Well, at least that’s what we thought before discovering the wonderful world of hot alcoholic chocolate. To be comfortable on cool nights, to celebrate Bonfire Night, to have fun with panache and to cheer us up with melted chocolate and cream, our dream Deputy Chief Daughter Miriam has created five hot chocolates that will heat your hulls.

Five hot and alcoholic chocolates for Bonfire Night and beyond

1. Hot chocolate with coconut

This mixture uses white chocolate as a base. If it sounds sweet, take note, a hint of coconut rum and a touch of dark chocolate with succulent whole milk make it perfectly balanced.

2. Hot chocolate with hazelnut cream

If you have a fondness for nostalgic hot chocolate with a majestic turret of fluffy whipped cream, you’ll love this awesome mix. He uses hazelnut and chocolate spread – Nutella in our case – blended with double cream, walnut liqueur and chopped milk chocolate. Did someone say ‘sofa and cabinet meeting’?

3. Hot chocolate from midnight to mint

There is something super festive in a chocolate-mint combo of the old school. Maybe these matchmaker boxes that we have tinkered at the same time on Christmas day. This boozy blend pays tribute to the dreamy duo and contains mint cream and peppermint extract, combined with dark chocolate and icing sugar for a touch of sweetness.

4. Choc-orange hot chocolate

This combination has a medium citrus flavor of orange zest and orange liquor – you can use Grand Marnier or a touch of something similar. The fruit compensates for the rich cream-based chocolate mixture.

5. Salted rum caramel and hot chocolate

What list of sweet things is complete without a wink to everyone’s new salted caramel? We chose dulce de leche as our favorite caramel, mixed with a brown rum, milk chocolate and a pinch of fluffy sea salt, as small or as large as your palate needs. ..

Off the alcohol?

If you, literally, do not want to get into the spirit, our classic luxury hot chocolate recipe has been designed for non-drinkers and little ones. It contains only three crispy ingredients – double cream, milk and chopped chocolate. Bring the trio to a boil by whisking until smooth, then serve with marshmallows, cream and / or raspberry. The ultimate hug in a cup …