About me

My name is Dzikei Padil, usually called Dzikei. I am a Blogger, Web designer and Front-end Developer. I graduated from Polytechnic in Bandung majoring in Software Engineering (RPL) in 2014.

Since May 2015, I worked as a freelancer after working for 1 year in a company as a web designer & Front-end Developer (May 2014 – 2015).

Since sitting in college, I am familiar with coding especially HTML, CSS and PHP. My works are mostly collected on this blog in the form of tutorials and freebies.

Regarding blogging, I know him since semester 1 in polytechnic from my friend. However, at that time I was inconsistent because of the uncertainty of the blog topic I wrote, so it always fails. Then, around September of 2013, I made this blog in my consciousness as a true blogger. In a sense, Bloggers who write themselves or rewrite someone else’s writing (not copas but still include the source), then publish it.

Well, I used to be a blogger who just mencopas writing other people either by including the source or not. In this blog I will discuss about tips on blogging based on my knowledge and experience, web design tutorial and SEO. I also share some of my works like web templates for free. My hope, this blog can contribute and benefit the world of IT Indonesia.

A few introductions from me may be useful