Best Self Defense Techniques for Young Women

The safety of women is a major problem nowadays. With the increase in domestic violence, sexual abuse and violence against women – it has become mandatory for female counterparts to train with various techniques and methods of self-defense.

Women must ensure their own safety by being independent and fighting intruders

There are streets and places where women feel completely at risk. The feeling of sinking and nervous emotion when walking or traveling alone at night is excruciating. With the right techniques to fight intruders or fight a person who has harassed or harassed you, you will increase your level of trust and strength in you.

Top 3 self defense techniques for young women

The Elbow Knead – This particular technique is proven. And the results have always been effective. If you feel that someone is following you or someone is trying to take you behind, without spending money, push your elbow backwards into the belly of the intruder in full force. This will cause intense pain and will give you plenty of time to move on to the next action.

Headbutt – The human cranium is strong enough and robust. You can use it as a legitimate defense weapon. Remember the incident of the FIFA World Cup, where Zinedine Zidane, the star of the French football, made the famous blow of head? Well, you can try the same technique in self-defense. Just force the head into the aggressor’s face and see how he screams in pain.

Pelvic kick – A pelvic kick is a super-impact technique that you can use to cause pain for life or even injury. If you are in a combat situation, where the attacker tries to force you, gather all your energy and withdraw, and in one action, bend your leg and use your knee to hit the area directly. pelvic. of the attacker.

Apart from these techniques, it will also be prudent to keep some weapons and tools at hand – from a pepper spray, to a Taser or even to a tactical flashlight. A tactical flashlight is generally used by law enforcement professionals and in the military. It is designed not only to illuminate dark areas, but also to move away from intruders and intruders.

Whatever technique or weapon you use, remember to stay calm and overcome your fear. With confidence, you can scare the light of your attacker’s day.